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Welcome to Telico

Your world-class wholesale partner

Telico Is An Independent Telecommunications Wholesaler Offering A Comprehensive List Of Products And Services, Enabling Existing And New Resellers To Effectively And Efficiently Maintain, Grow, And Targer Existing And New Customers With Reliable, Quality-Based, And Cost Effective Offerings

Basket offering:

National Meshed Network – own data center and presence in all Teraco’s
Voice originating and terminating services locally and internationally
Constant evolving redundancy
Wholesale offerings include SIP accounts, Porta reseller accounts, and Porta Partitioning accounts
Number Portability – automated
Geographical and non-geographical Numbers
“Last Mile” Alternatives
LTE APN Sims and CPE
Hosted PBX
VPN’s and other Management Services
24 / 7 2nd and 3rd line in-house support with manufacturing assistance

Why should you

Partner with Telico

Porta1 Operating And Billing System

International proven system for the Telecommunications Industry
Constantly evolving and upgrading
Radius, Billing, and Operating server redundancy
Feature-rich with build-in transcoding and transrating services
Different Client Models
In-house and high-level Manufacturers Support
White Labelling option Available
Hosted Extensions

Competitive Wholesale Rates

Low-cost Billing system alternatives
Competitive Outgoing (Local and International) Call Rates
Incoming Rebates based on Number Porting
Cost-based Number Porting
Cost-Effective Last Mile and CPE alternatives
Low cost Hosted extensions

Top Class Network Architecture

National Meshed Network with presence in all Teraco’s
Built-in Redundancy
I/C’s with all Major OLO’s
Constantly-cross connecting / I/C with other roleplayers
Capacity availability
Superior high-level support


Personal Relationships with Resellers / Partners
Not Competing with Channel
Management Availability
Regular local and Regional Visits

Experience what VOIP solutions can do for your business

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